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Animal Hospital in Grundy, Virginia

Pet Vaccinations

Prevent disease and life-threatening conditions in your pet by keeping up with their regular vaccinations. We administer pet vaccinations quickly and gently so your pet can return to its happy, playful life.

Surgical Procedures

Avoid unexpected litters by bringing your animal to our spay and neuter clinic. Our animal hospital is equipped to perform spaying and neutering as well as other necessary surgical procedures including dental extractions and bone pinning.
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Pet X-Rays & Blood Work

Put your pet in the best of care when it's not feeling well. We treat broken bones and test for organ function and other conditions through pet x-rays and blood work.
Contact our animal hospital in Grundy, Virginia, to schedule an appointment for your pet's vaccinations, surgical procedure, x-rays, or testing.

About Us

Grundy Animal Hospital in Grundy, Virginia, is a small-animal hospital that offers surgeries, dental care, blood work, x-rays, and spaying and neutering. Dr. Wright graduated from Cornell University in 1964 and has been a practicing veterinarian ever since. Over 49 years, he has worked from the same location, earning a loyal patient base who appreciates his great compassion for their pets.

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