Pet X-Rays & Blood Work in Grundy, Virginia

Be assured of immediate and attentive care when you bring your injured or ill animal to Grundy Animal Hospital in Grundy, Virginia, offering pet x-rays and blood work. We test for and treat a number of conditions from broken bones to organ function.

Blood Work

We check kidney and liver function through blood work, which we can do in-house or send out. These tests can also determine if a dog or cat is diabetic. We also offer pre-anesthetic testing.


X-rays for pets are used to check for broken bones or if we think there is a mass in the stomach, like bladder stones. If the animal is throwing up a lot, we can x-ray to see if there is a blockage. We can also check for pregnancy, heart and lung function, calcification in the spine, and ruptured disks.
Woman looking on Animal x-ray — pet x-rays in Grundy, Virginia

Specialty Products We Sell

  • Prescription Food
  • Dewormers
  • Flea & Tick Shampoos & Products
  • Vitamins
Call our animal hospital today at (276) 935-2541 to schedule an appointment for testing or x-rays.